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The patent filed Hospital Bra has been designed by Elle Terry-Dawson, a bra specialist with years of experience.  Following her own breast operation she felt the need for there to be a comfortable option on the market for women post surgery.

"It is not until you experience breast surgery yourself, that you will realise just how important the correct post-surgery bra is, especially in the early months of discomfort, soreness and tenderness."


Elle's story....

I have spent over seven years fitting ladies in my lingerie boutique, including everyday bras but specialising in post surgical bras, especially following a mastectomy and have experienced all kinds of amazing and unusual challenges!

After listening to womens individual needs and their ordeals on a daily basis, I became increasingly aware of the problems women face after surgery. Surgery in itself is a traumatic and invasive experience and I wanted to design the best solution, enabling it to be available to all women for all types of breast surgery.

Following my own breast surgery, I realised it was very evident that there was a need for a much improved desig​n of post surgery bra. I became very passionate and determined to design the perfect post surgery bra.

This is when I started designing the Hospital Bra.  
I have worked alongside surgeons and closely with numerous women post surgery, to field trial the comfort and fit, ensuring that this really is the most comfortable post surgery bra, with the added benefits of antibacterial and eco-friendly materials.

Please see our ABOUT US page for details on what makes our bra the most advanced post-surgery bra on the market.


"this is the only bra you will need while you recover from breast surgery"

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