Gymping it

Returning to the gym after surgery can be stressful.

Breasts are still tender, wearing a prosthesis breast is awkward and sweaty.

Check list;

The decent bra, we have all been advised at some point in our lives to have a bra fitting .

Post breast surgery is the most important time, you need to feel comfortable while your breasts heal and going forward.

The best and most comfortable sports bra I can personally recommend is the Panache sports bra.

It has a rolled wire with a great fit, padding and seams in the right places to avoid irritation.

The gym outfit , comfy, covered but not a total Bridget Jones.

I have found some great sports wear from BIBA and currently here at hospitalbra head office we are developing a bamboo collection to help you get back into the gym with comfort after surgery watch this space!

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