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My Kinesiology experience.

After years of struggling with terrible periods and yoyo weight I decided to look deeper into what was actually going on with my body.

I met Craig Buchanan at a local gym and I explained about my past experience.

Craig intrigued me with his vast amount of knowledge regarding similar experiences he had worked with.

After a consultation I laid on the bed and Craig began the treatment.

I felt very at ease and Craig advised me of several options one including taking Iodine.

I found this treatment fascinating and have started to trial the Iodine that Craig recommended.

Performance Kinesiology is a gentle non-invasive therapy that uses subtle movements that activate the body’s own reflex mechanisms to restore Structural alignment, Bio-chemical & nutritional balance and Emotional & psychological wellbeing.

Performance Kinesiology and Iodine Therapy

Iodine is an essential mineral that the World Health Organisation in 2011 identified the UK as being deficient in.

Iodine serves many functions in the body, the immune system can’t function without it you can’t fight infections.

Iodine’s main job is to maintain the healthy normal architecture of the cells in the breasts, thyroid, ovaries, uterus and prostate which is where many cysts and cancers are occurring.

Iodine deficiency problems can lead to cysts that in turn can become hard and nodular if it continues the tissues may become hyperplastic.

Performance Kinesiology can ascertain if there is an Iodine deficiency and assist in redressing the balance.

Treatments are approx. 1 hour and taster sessions are provided.

Contact Craig: Mobile 07931 387 255

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